ITENE making strides towards more efficient paper goods in its BoostEff project

November 7th 2012

ITENE is in charge of calculating the carbon footprint of the products, as well as the person in charge of carrying out an evaluation of energy efficiency and savings in processes and raw materials. 

In this sense, a preliminary evaluation of the new manufacturing concepts has been carried out. ITENE has calculated the life cycle of the product manufactured using the new methods in four different scenarios, where it has evaluated which of them are better from an environmental, energy, cost and productivity point of view. The first estimates are positive and it seems that the overall objectives of the project will be achieved, which will end in 2013.
BoostEff seeks to achieve a paper for newsprint, magazine and wood fiber chipboard in whose manufacturing process it is possible to increase energy efficiency by at least 20%, reduce Greenhouse Gases by more than 20%, obtain a 20% material savings and reduce operating costs or productivity by 10%.

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