IV AECOC Meeting Point Against Food Waste / Save Food Meeting

28th September 2016

69% of the companies in the food industry and distribution meeting in Madrid in the IV AECOC Meeting Point Against Food Waste / Save Food Meeting He already has a project aimed at reducing food waste generated in his company and, in addition, another 8% plans to implement it soon.

That is one of the data that emerges from the conference held last Monday, in which more than 300 professionals from the agri-food chain, public administrations, food banks and consumer associations gathered.

The meeting point was attended by the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Environment of the Government of Spain, Isabel García-Tejerina, who recalled that in Spain more than 7.7 million tons of food are wasted each year, as well as with the assistance of Her Majesty the Queen, in her capacity as Special Ambassador for Nutrition of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

The general director of Alimentary Industry, Fernando Burgaz; the Director of the Area of ​​the Waste Agency of Catalonia, Pilar Chiva; the head of Consumption of Hispacoop, Carmen Redondo; the person in charge of Institutional Relations of Consum in Catalonia, Núria Riba; and the president of the Madrid Food Bank, Francisco García González.

The meeting analyzed outstanding success stories promoted from the primary sector, industry and food distribution to promote the exchange of ideas and experiences among the more than 300 professionals from the public administration, private companies, consumer associations and food banks attending.

For his part, the general director of Multivac, Christian Traumann, pointed out that the waste of fruits and vegetables reaches between 40% and 55% of the total in the world when the production of the harvest, the handling and the storage during transport and arrival at the point of sale and the consumer's home. In developed countries, most of this percentage occurs in homes and at points of sale. Traumann highlighted the importance of food packaging to reduce waste.

In addition, the meeting point had the vision of the Deputy Director of Food Policy of the General Directorate of Food of the French Ministry of Agriculture, Agrifood Sector and Forests, Vincent Gitz, who analyzed the impact of the law recently approved in the Gallic country and that obliges distribution companies to have signed collaboration agreements with food banks. 

Later, the director of Human Resources and External Relations of Carrefour Spain, Arturo Molinero Sánchez, highlighted that his company donated more than 2015 million kilos of food to food banks in 6.3. Within the framework of the meeting, the manager delivered eight vans specially equipped for the transfer of refrigerated product to the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL). The vehicles have a value of 300.000 euros.

“We are all rare”, winner of the Brainstorming
The meeting also hosted the II Brainstorming against food waste, a contest in which consumers have sent initiatives and proposals that companies could carry out to help citizens make better use of food and avoid waste. food.

The winning idea, chosen by those attending the meeting point through a voting system in the room, was that of the consumer Olaya Pazos, who contributed with her proposal "We are all rare." Pazos proposes to offer an outlet section in supermarkets and other points of sale with products that do not meet the usual visual standards, such as unusual-looking fruits and vegetables or damaged cans and tetra bricks at a reduced price.

Soon, the winner will receive the purchase of one year in the form of monthly batches of products valued at 150 euros each, for twelve months, courtesy of the companies collaborating with the initiative: Calidad Pascual, Caprabo, Carrefour, Covirán, Danone, Dia , Ebro, El Corte Inglés, Grupo Siro, Idilia Foods, Mahou San Miguel and Unilever.

The day concluded with a showcooking and a cocktail based on recipes offered by the IFA group. The IV AECOC Meeting Point Against Food Waste / Save Food Meeting is a meeting organized by Save Food - the initiative formed by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the United Nations Program for the Environment (UNEP) and the Düsseldorf Fair -, the Spanish Exporters and Investors Club and AECOC.


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