Jesús Abia, Managing Director Biotherm Spain (L'Oréal Lujo)

1, December, 2021


"By 2025, all Biotherm plastic packaging will be reusable, recyclable or refillable"

Biotherm has always been a brand that has prioritized sustainability, supporting the conservation of the oceans. Its firm commitment translates into packaging designed for a circular economy and innovations such as its collaboration with Carbios in the creation of a biorecycled plastic container for its solar line.

What role does Biotherm play in the "L'Oréal for the Future" program?
Our commitments for 2030 mark the beginning of a more radical transformation and embody our vision of what a company's vision, purpose and responsibility should look like to face today's challenges in the world.
Within the commitment we have as a group, each brand is part of this process of change towards a more sustainable world.
Biotherm, as the L'Oréal Group's pioneer brand in sustainability, plays a key role in leading change.

The goal of Water Lovers is to promote the conservation of the oceans and the seabed. What specific initiatives are you developing?
Since 2012, the brand has donated more than $ 1,5 million to the NGOs with which it collaborates. In 2012, Biotherm began a long-term collaboration with Mission Blue, an organization founded by marine biologist Sylvia Earle, who works to realize and conserve Hope Spots, or "Points of Hope," marine regions essential to the survival of the oceans. In Spain we are lucky as we have two, one in Mallorca and the other in La Gomera.
In 2017, Biotherm partnered with the Tara Ocean Foundation, a pioneering research organization dedicated to studying the effect of climate change on the oceans, whose research helps the brand understand how to reduce the impact of its products on water. . Biotherm is proud to support the Tara Ocean Foundation's Microbiome Mission, which is its 12th scientific mission focused on analyzing the ocean's most fundamental tissue, its microbiome.

In 2020, Biotherm also closed a collaboration agreement with Surfrider Foundation Europe ...
Yes, to increase public awareness of the problems caused by plastic pollution and to intensify its beach cleaning activities. Thanks to this aid, the NGO's Ocean Initiatives were able to bring together almost 20.000 participants in 540 beach cleaning operations and collect more than 465 m3 of waste.
Also in 2020, the local project "Clean Rivers, Save Oceans" was started in collaboration with Ecoalf with the aim of working on the origin of the problem that threatens the seas, in the rivers where a large part of the waste that ends up in the seas is generated . The project has the technical help of Libera / SeoBird Life and has begun with the cleaning of the Jarama river and with education and awareness actions among citizens. It is a three-year project where rivers from all over the Spanish geography will be added. In the 10 months that it has been in operation, we have carried out 15 cleanings, in which 245 volunteers have collected more than 5 tons of waste.

And in 2021?
Biotherm reveals that he is to become the Chief Executive Partner of the Oceanographic Institute of Monaco, as the two have in common the goal of inspiring love and protection for the oceans. The brand's endorsement will help support campaigns for the oceans, mobilize its global network of decision-making experts and raise public awareness of the current fragile state of the ocean. For Biotherm, which was originally headquartered in Monaco, the beginning of this long-term collaboration represents a homecoming.

In addition to sustainability, what are the values ​​that define Biotherm?
Biotherm is one of the main cosmetic brands in the world that is committed to following the principles of «Blue Beauty», a movement that interprets beauty in an integral key and that strives to offer products that take care of the skin, conserving and preserving the planet and, more specifically, the Blue Beauty awareness platform, its blue lung, the ocean. Live By Blue Beauty builds on and amplifies the legacy of Biotherm's Water Lovers program by taking a more holistic approach to all aspects of the brand.
The brand's Blue Beauty strategy covers all aspects of its value chain, from the origin of natural ingredients to formulas and packaging, through the end of the life cycle of products, in order to minimize their environmental footprint on water and aquatic ecosystems.
Biotherm believes in using its blue biotechnology expertise to produce more powerful, sustainable and natural ingredients. We believe that true progress can be made if we harness science to support nature. Since 1994, we have been pioneers in bioscience. Biotherm has amplified the extraordinary power of nature to create natural, powerful, safe and sustainable skincare. Harnessing and enhancing the power of thermal plankton through bioscience, the Life Plankton probiotic was born, ushering in a new era for the care industry
of the skin.

What does it mean that Blue Beauty is the philosophy of the brand?
Natural and Bio-Affine Skincare - Powered by blue sciences and true to our blue commitments. Our products are natural, powerful, safe and sustainable.
Progress should not be made at the expense of nature but in favor of it.
Biotherm is originally obtained from water for its high skin bioaffinity. Its natural stabilizing power of the skin is concentrated in 400.000 times. Always traced and preserved in the purest state, it reproduces infinitely without harming nature.
Being a brand committed to the oceans and their regeneration, we want to be consistent with its innovation at the packaging level, Biotherm aims to ensure that its packaging is designed for a circular economy: recyclable and recycled in practice. By involving all stakeholders throughout the value chain and being transparent with the consumer, the brand believes that we can collectively move from traditional consumption patterns of 'take-do-dispose' to 'reduce-reuse-regenerate. ».

In this sense, what products would you highlight?
At the innovation level, solar Waterlovers has always been, inheriting our name from our sustainability project, the icon of our most sustainable products.
Overall, by the end of 2021, 97,8% of the brand's PET bottles (Waterlover Sun Milk SPF30 + SPF50, Biosource ...) and 84% of PE bottles (Lait Corporel L'Original, Life Plankton Body…) will be made from recycled plastic, in line with Biotherm's commitments to the circular economy. By opting for PCR plastic, the brand will save approximately 270 tons of virgin plastic. Taken together, this amounts to 25% PCR plastic for the brand's entire plastic packaging footprint.

Indeed, in facial cosmetics, they also bet on refill ...
It is an innovative refilling experience with its most emblematic product, the Life PlanktonTM Elixir serum, a pioneering project worldwide, where the brand had long been looking for solutions to combat the use of single-use containers. Because skincare formulas are delicate and contain active ingredients, refillable containers have been a challenge. However, the Life Plankton source guarantees that the formula retains all the quality and safety properties of the product.
On the other hand, as part of our commitment to reduce the use of plastics, at Biotherm we have chosen to eliminate cellophane from some of our products, minimizing excess plastic waste, as in the Blue Therapy Red Algae line.

Lait Corporel, has your packaging also changed?
Our emblematic corporate product Lait Corporel has changed its pack to introduce 100% recycled plastic, evaluating future innovation options in which several of the products are refillable to be more responsible when introducing potential waste into the market.

They have recently collaborated with Carbios in the creation of a biorecycled plastic container for their solar line. Can you explain this project to us?
L'Oréal has been working with Carbios since 2017 to implement the principles of the circular economy. This latest project consists of introducing its innovative enzymatic recycling technology to produce the first plastic cosmetic container that can be infinitely recycled. The objective of this biological technology is to provide an alternative to recycling PET plastics (opaque, translucent, dark, tinted, multilayer) and polyester fibers, thus allowing more plastics to be recycled efficiently.
With this project, L'Oréal actively seeks forward-looking solutions to solve today's challenges and ensure a sustainable future, taking another step towards the ambitious challenge of "L'Oréal for the future" 2030. Biotherm will be the first brand of the Group to commercialize a product with this innovative technology, but we will have to wait until 2025.
With the help of Carbios and our development teams, Biotherm has created the first cosmetic packaging made from 100% bio-recycled plastic.

The Carbios approach is based on the use of natural enzymes ...
An enzyme is a natural protein that, when optimized, significantly speeds up the rate of chemical reactions. Thanks to the use of natural enzymes, Carbios technology is capable of endlessly recycling PET-type plastic without losing quality. The innovative process can break down 90% of plastic in 10 hours and 97% in 16 hours, more than 10.000 times more efficient than any bio-plastic recycling trial to date.
Biotherm is committed to reducing its consumption of virgin plastic and supporting the use of more sustainable alternatives as shown by its partnership with Carbios. Today our brand takes a non-fossil approach to all new plastic packaging. For this reason, we constantly rethink how we design, use and reuse different types of packaging solutions. The product chosen to carry this package is the solar Waterlover Sun Milk, which reflects the essence of the Blue Beauty values ​​to perfection.

Biotherm is also committed to reducing the impact of its products on water. How do you plan to achieve it?
The brand has adopted the SPOT (Sustainable Product Optimization Tool) methodology developed by the L'Oréal Group. This enables the environmental impact of Biotherm formulas and containers to be evaluated with internationally validated methodologies developed by a panel of 11 international experts.
In 2020, 98% of Biotherm products have improved their environmental or social profile according to SPOT. By 2030, the brand is committed to 100% of its new or refurbished products being eco-designed.
Since 2019, 18% recycled glass has been used in all packaging for global brands. This year, 97,8% of PET is recycled (polyethylene terephthalate) and 25% of plastic is also recycled. By 2023 the goal is for at least 50% of plastic to be recycled and endlessly recyclable bioplastic is introduced. By 2025, plastic will be 100% fossil-free, all plastic packaging will be reusable, recyclable, or refillable.

Hence proposals such as the Life Plankton font ...
True to the brand's commitment to promoting a more circular economy and putting an end to single-use packaging, Biotherm presented a worldwide pilot project in Madrid last February: Blue Fountain Life Plankton Elixir. Designed specifically for the iconic Life PlanktonTM Elixir anti-aging serum, the empty container (made from 25% recycled glass) is disinfected and refilled directly in front of the customer as part of a cleaner and more sustainable skincare ritual.
Created in collaboration with the Paris and New York-based innovation studio Possible Future, the aim of which is to generate a positive impact, the Life Plankton Blue Fountain "fountain" was the first experience of its kind in the selective cosmetics sector. , whose objective is to consolidate the importance of recharging and reusing products, reducing the use of single-use containers.
In 2022 we will see more refillable product options in the Biotherm catalog.

What is the purpose of limited editions like the ones featured on your body lotion? Will they continue to collaborate with artists?
Biotherm will use art to give a voice to the oceans. The objective of the latest artistic collaboration, with the renowned multimedia artist Coco Capitán, is to raise awareness about how climate change is threatening the health of the phytoplankton that inhabit our oceans, source of more than half of the oxygen produced on the planet and that makes the oceans the blue lung of the Earth. Born by the sea and raised among waves, Coco Capitán is a staunch defender of the
environment. Immersed in the history of our blue lung, Captain got the
Inspiration to write a single evocative phrase: "How do you sail breath without the sea?"
We will continue to collaborate with artists committed to the cause, giving a voice to the sustainable part of the brand.

What news are planned for the second semester of this year?
Biotherm presents a new state-of-the-art formula that takes the limits of sustainable biotechnology one step further: Cera Repair Barrier Cream. Harness the power of Biotherm's Blue Beauty philosophy coupled with effective blue biotechnology ingredients to create an advanced barrier function cream that has been clinically shown to regenerate the skin's barrier.
Developed after research carried out in collaboration with Stanford University, Cera Repair brings together Life PlanktonTM probiotic fraction and bioceramides. It's Biotherm's answer to soothing and strengthening skin for today's urban lifestyles.
The Cera Repair Barrier Cream formula is developed to respect aquatic life, it is 94% natural in origin and 90% biodegradable.
In addition, its packaging has an ecological design. The jar is made with 40% recycled glass, the lid with 100% recycled plastic and the box is 100% recyclable.
Consumers care about the planet and want information on environmental issues. For this reason, the outer box of Cera Repair Barrier Cream includes a QR code that directs information on its traceability and transparency.


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