José Francisco Hernández Perona, General and Financial Director of Juver Alimentación SLU

17, April, 2023

"One of our priorities is to have an eco-efficient industry"

Juver is a Murcian company dedicated to the manufacture, production, distribution, transport, storage and marketing of juices, nectars, fruit drinks, vegetable and fruit preserves. It belongs to the Conserve Italia Group, the largest fruit and vegetable cooperative in Europe.

Juver Alimentación has more than 60 years. What balance do they make? Has the sector changed a lot?
It has become very professional. The main reasons are the constant process of innovation, food regulation and safety and, lastly, sustainability. This means that we are fewer and fewer players and with a high volume of packaged juices.

They are specialized in juices, fruit drinks, vegetable and fruit preserves. What is your current position in the market?
On the peninsula, we are in a category in which, within mass consumption, the private label has a share of around 65%, of which we bottle more than 26% As a Juver brand, in retail we are leaders in the segment of sugar-free nectars , and also leaders in Horeca.

What synergies are established with the Conserve Italia Group?
Our partners are a large Italian cooperative company, with a sales volume of more than 750 mill. and leaders in the segment of juices and canned tomato. We have a lot to learn in innovation, food quality and strategy. For our part, we collaborate by covering part of their needs for fresh seasonal fruit.

What are your most sold references?
The range of sugar-free nectars (Enjoy) is the best seller.

What has the elimination of plastic from the secondary packaging of your mini-juices meant?
A 75% reduction in the consumption of plastic for shrink wrapping in minibrik format productions.

Are all the corks of your brick juices made from sugar cane?
In the Juver brand, yes. And the paper straws.

What measures are you implementing in favor of a more sustainable production?
In 2022, we have reduced plastic with several measures: elimination of the box shrink wrap for all Juver brand and private label references manufactured in bricks; use of shrink wrap with 50% recycling in bottles and small bottles; Elimination of shrink wrap from minibrik packs of all Juver brand references and some private label and use of 50% recycled plastic in private label packs 3 and 6.
In addition, we have also carried out measures for energy consumption and emissions, such as the use of electrical energy of 100% certified renewable origin and the expansion of the photovoltaic installation, going from 12 to 16% of the electrical energy consumed in a self-consumption regime. and increasing the tons avoided by 25%. Likewise, we have obtained the registration of our carbon footprint in the Registry of carbon footprint, compensation and CO2 absorption projects of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge.
Regarding waste recovery, we have increased the percentage generated by Juver, from 94 to 99%.

What are the priorities for the future?
Have an eco-efficient industry: continue with the reduction and recovery of waste, reduce water and energy consumption and expand the photovoltaic installation. We also have sustainable mobility plans and calculation of the footprint (category 4) for transport.

Regarding packaging, what are you working on to make it more sustainable?
In sustainable openings (caps attached to the container) and the reduction of the carbon footprint of primary packaging, increasing the materials of sustainable origin and introducing recycled material in the primary packaging. In addition, we are improving the design in primary packaging to encourage recycling and renewability.
Regarding the recovery and circularity of waste, we are carrying out the Cycleplastic bioplastics project, which consists of transforming our organic waste (sewage sludge) into biodegradable bioplastics, financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD).


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