Joshua Tabak and Caitlin Sanford from Facebook and Denis Weil from l'Institute of Design in Chicago, among the speakers at the BDW Congress 2017

May 22th 2017

La Barcelona Design Week 2017 host a new edition of BDW Congress, which will be held on June 12 and 13. Organized by BCD Barcelona Design Center, this event aims to enhance the economic and social value of the design and to be a meeting point for companies, organizations and professionals in which success stories and work methodologies on strategic and emerging issues are shared, with speakers of recognized international prestige.

Under the name Transforming Society, the participants in the congress will delve into the capacity of design to transform and cause changes in the behavior of organizations and society. “During the Congo BDW we want to reflect on the positive impact of design and its capacity for transformation”, highlights Isabel Roig, general director of BCD Barcelona Centro de Diseño.

Congress program
The program will be divided into two blocks and will feature several conferences, as well as workshops related to social transformation. In the first block of the congress, which will be held on June 12 under the title People and Purpose, we want to find an answer to how to solve complex, strategic and ambiguous problems through people-centered approaches or how to design solutions taking into account the needs of the different parties, be they entrepreneurs, users, governments or citizens. The speakers who will participate in this first block are: Denis Weil, Dean, Institute of Design Chicago; Pamela Mead, Design Manager, HERE; Joshua Tabak, Market Researcher, and Caitlin Sanford, UX Researcher, both from Facebook, and Luis Arnal, CEO & Founder, Insitum Mèxic. The moderator is Yoel Lenti, Director Insitum BCN.

In the second session and with the title Sustainable Transformation By Design, Sustainable Transformation will be addressed, in which three fundamental pillars interact in a balanced way: economic development, social development and respect for the environment and our surroundings. Speakers are: Jonas Martens, CEO, Better Future Factory; Emma Van Der Leest, co-founder, BlueCityLab, and Germán León, CEO and founder, Exipple. The moderator is Isabel Roig, general director of BCD Barcelona Center de Disseny

Inaugural conference
On June 6, the inaugural conference 'Design for a better world' will take place by Ravi Naidoo, which will focus on the transformation of society through creativity. Ravi Naidoo is the founder and CEO of Interactive Africa, the Cape Town-based media and project management company famous for the mission of the first African in Space.

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