KATZ Food Board, a natural base material for food packaging from the Koehler Group

June 12th, 2024

natural base material

KATZ, Part of Koehler Group, has developed with KATZ Food Board un natural base material for food packaging. KATZ Food Board is manufactured on the basis of wood pulp cardboard, which distinguishes the company's product range as a sustainable raw material. KATZ wood pulp cardboard is used in the most diverse industrial branches and has its origins as coasters in gastronomy.

KATZ Food Board is a particularly high-volume natural material based on wood pulp. The product can be used in various ways, for example as a base for dry and fatty foods, such as bakery products, fruits and vegetables, as well as for fish, meat, sausages and cheeses.

For the manufacture of wood pulp cardboard, exclusively wood from sustainable forestry management and regional sources is used. “The purely natural components of our wood pulp board make it unique. Customers can place food with confidence on our KATZ Food Board. Our product does not contain unwanted toxic substances that could pass into packaged products,” he explains. Jürgen Schulz, CEO of KATZ. When using the KATZ Food Board Pure, customers can rely on certified food safety, due to its ISEGA certificate.

Different product variants for individual uses

The product base for the KATZ Food Board product range developed by KATZ is unique, 100% recyclable and also suitable for direct contact with food. In this case, the objective is to replace traditional plastic solutions with the use of KATZ Food Board in packaging, when this is possible.

Two categories are currently being developed for series production. On the one hand, KATZ Food Board Pure, natural and unprocessed, which is especially suitable for use as a packaging material in direct contact with dry and greasy foods. On the other hand, KATZ Food Boards with film coating are also part of the assortment. The coating, for example with a gold, silver or transparent film, guarantees specific barrier characteristics. In this way it can be used to package wet and fatty foods, such as salmon, meats or bakery products.

The specific layer structure of the KATZ Food Board allows the film to be removed from the cardboard surface without much effort. This makes it possible to recycle material of a single variety. The cardboard, with its valuable virgin fibers, can then be channeled back into the paper recycling circuit, through waste paper recycling.

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