Kilian Braunsdorf, new CEO of Paccor

6, September, 2022

Kilian Braunsdorf, new CEO of Paccor

Kilian Braunsdorf has been appointed CEO of Paccor, one of the world leaders in the plastic packaging industry. He succeeds Andreas Schuette, who is stepping down as Paccor's acquisition for the Faerch-Group. Under the new ownership, Paccor will accelerate the transition to circular packaging and offer its customers new and innovative packaging solutions.

Kilian Braunsdorf (47 years old) joined Paccor in July 2020 as a member of the Board of Directors and has since served as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Before joining Paccor, he held global leadership positions in the packaging industry. He started his career in Audit and Management Consulting and has a degree in Industrial Engineering.

“Kilian is a strong leader with an impressive and deep understanding of the market and the Paccor organization. He has a very clear vision of how to develop the company in the future”, he states. Lars Gade Hansen, CEO of the Faerch Group. “I look forward to working closely with him and his management team to jointly accelerate the food packaging industry's transition to circularity and offer our customers new and innovative packaging solutions,” he continues.

Kilian Braunsdorf succeeds Andreas Schuette, who has held the position of CEO of Paccor since March 2019. “I would like to thank Andreas for his strong leadership, contributions and achievements during his time as CEO and the trusting dialogue we had during the acquisition of Paccor. Paccor by the Faerch Group”, emphasizes Lars Gade Hansen.

“Paccor will continue to operate as an independent company and provide its customers with the products and services they have come to know and expect from Paccor,” continues Lars Gade Hansen. “A broad investment program to support the conversion of materials into circular solutions, expand the operating platform and in R&D will be launched quickly,” he concludes.


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