Komvida launches a personalized bottle and launches its new 750 ml format

15, March, 2021

Comvida premieres a new bottle specially designed for the brand, glass and with the iconic “K” of the brand engraved on the base. In addition, it launches the new 750 ml format.

The bottle is made of recyclable glass, a material that better preserves the probiotic properties of the drink and, in addition, is respectful with the environment. Its new, more rounded design on the shoulders allows the container to keep in better condition the fine bubble characteristic of Komvida kombucha. In addition, it has a new plug easier to open and close and with a more watertight capacity to conserve bubbles.

El new size 750 ml of Komvida is added to the usual 250 ml bottle, which offers six flavors: Greenvida (original / green tea); Berryvida (red fruits); Gingervida (ginger and lemon); Carrot and Turmeric; Kombujito and Apple flavor with Cinnamon and Vanilla.

Komvida's kombucha is made from 4 ingredients: water, organic green tea, organic cane sugar and scoby (symbiosis of bacteria and yeasts). The result is a fine-bubble soft drink with beneficial properties to help improve the immune system, cleanse the liver and body of toxins, and improve digestion and intestinal flora. It is a sugar free energy drink.


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