Combination of digital printing and metallic embellishments enables interactive features in new label applications

June 5th, 2024

new label apps

Xeikon has partnered with the company Kurz, Scribos, to collaborate on new technology that allows printers of digital labels offer added value with interactive features for brand protection, track and trace and consumer engagement. Taking advantage of the capabilities of the printing with Titon dry toner from Xeikon, Digital Metal embellishment® Kurz and Scribos' product security expertise, single-pass label application offers a solution to safeguard brand value, combat counterfeiting and the black market.

“The consequences of counterfeiting are enormous and far-reaching. Global companies lose billions of euros every year, consumers are at risk due to defective products and the environment suffers, just to name a few. These problems can be mitigated by adding unique metallic elements to the printed label,” he says. Jeroen Van Bauwel, Director of Solution Design at Xeikon. “Of course, Xeikon already offers variable data for security applications, but this joint development offers a level of protection with a full-service solution that is truly revolutionary.”

Powered by Xeikon's and metallic variable elements. Each code not only has a unique ID, but also contains a finely printed subpattern that acts as advanced copy protection.

“The secondary level of copy protection built into these QR codes is based on very complex details, which can only be achieved with digital printing with toner,” says the Dr. Steffen Scheibenstock, director of digital business development at Scribos.

The perfect coordination between the Xeikon press and the Kurz metallization module allows the integration of Variable Digital Metal (VDM) to improve authentication. After verifying ValiGate copy protection ® With a smartphone, the home page will display a symbol layout that resembles a slot machine game. By comparing these symbols on the product with those on the screen, consumers participate in a secure two-factor authentication (2FA) process.

Scheibenstock explains: “In this case, we printed a varied distribution of birds, each of which differs in position, shape, number and orientation. This method, integrated into the metallic printing layer and unique to each label, offers strong protection against counterfeiting without the need for an application, ensuring the safety of all consumers.”

QR codes are supported by the Scribos 360 authentication platform, which provides a wealth of data for statistics and analysis. Customers can also choose from a variety of consumer engagement modules such as cross-sell options, bonus programs, games or competitions, all customized to match their own brand.    

Van Bauwel continues: “This double-encrypted technology also offers an ideal way for brand owners to securely drive consumer engagement, providing endless interaction possibilities that can increase brand loyalty, as well as expanded tracking capabilities. and localization to combat the fraudulent movement of goods. And because it is a fully digital process, it can easily be used even in fairly short runs, such as to protect limited editions or to help small emerging brands tell their customers more about their sustainability commitments.”

“Our joint development with Kurz continues, bringing even more capabilities to label printers allowing them to offer multiple value-added solutions and open new high-end segments. With copy-protected QR codes and high-quality metal trim, Xeikon is exploring the full potential of digital, offering customers an innovative new way to differentiate themselves in the highly competitive label market,” concludes Van Bauwel.

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