Alpla's pharmaceutical division grows with the acquisition of Apon

18, July, 2022


The global packaging company Alpla is promoting the presence of its pharmaceutical division in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) with the acquisition of the Polish company apon, which produces plastic containers for the pharmaceutical industry in your plant Żyrardów, near Warsaw. The acquisition continues the course of growth and expansion of the ALPLApharma business division established in 2019.

Bottles, containers, closures, dosing systems and accessories in certified cleanroom quality: Alpla has been producing plastic containers for pharmaceutical products since 2016. The fast-growing segment was consolidated under the ALPLApharma brand in 2019 and has been gradually expanding.

Apon was founded as a family business in 1985. Its workforce of approximately 45 people at the plant in Żyrardów, near Warsaw, currently produces bottles with fill volumes from 5 to 100 milliliters, containers with screw caps or snap caps, and medical accessories. with dosing aids. Pharmaceutical primary packaging is produced in a clean room in accordance with ISO 15378.

The company also produces packaging for food supplements and for the e-liquid sector. The plastics used as packaging materials are HDPE, LDPE, PP and PET. It has a total annual output of more than 200 million units. Its integration into the Alpla Group is beneficial for both parties: in addition to the development of new markets, it will allow access to technological expertise and packaging innovations. All APON staff will remain.

ALPLApharma has its headquarters in Egypt, Greece, Romania, South Africa and Poland, as well as production plants in nine other countries. More expansion steps are planned in the coming months and years. Your portfolio will also expand. In addition to standard products for the pharmaceutical industry, it focuses on the packaging of over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals and food supplements. Because of this, ALPLApharma recently added flexible EBM (extrusion blow molding) technology to its production, making the production of cost-effective, lightweight and sustainable packaging possible.

“The Pharma division has enormous potential for the future. In addition to above-average market growth, the segment is characterized by strong customer loyalty. With our global capabilities and quality standards, we make long-term and reliable partnerships possible," he says. Philip Lehner, CEO of ALPLA.


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