The Gmund Papier factory designs the Gmund Gold line

February 21th 2018

Among the 12 shades offered by the line of papers gmund gold, the consumer can choose from Helium, with a touch of delicate gold; Gold itself, with a warm, luminescent golden hue; the so-called Composition, an exciting mix of silver and gold; the Breeze, a subtle understatement made with fine gold dust; Valor, which displaying its name is presented as the strongest, most intense and most famous gold, which stands out for its explosion of pigments; and the Lime Gold with touches of green, which shines like neon gold, among others.

Gmund Gold comes in just two weights, 250g / m³ and 310g / m³, since it is designed to make creative pieces in industries and sectors such as Automotive Engineering, Finance and Consulting, Fashion, Cosmetics, Jewelry, Food and drink, distinguishing itself by giving each product a luxurious quality, from greeting cards to image brochures and products to packaging for international brands. Likewise, it allows different traditional printing techniques to be applied -Offset, Hot stamping, die-cutting, etc.

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