The plastics industry, for sustainable growth in Europe

November 5th 2014

PlasticsEurope, together with EuPC, the association of European Plastics Transformers, has presented the "Manifesto on the competitiveness of the plastics industry in Europe" at a press conference that took place yesterday in Brussels. Both organizations call on European political decision-makers to support the industry in its efforts to maintain a strong plastics sector in Europe.

The plastics industry plays a fundamental role in the European Union, contributing a positive trade balance of 18.000 million euros. In addition, it is one of the five most innovative sectors in the European Union, representing 1 in 25 patents registered by the industry between 2003 and 2012. This industry is also a strategic pillar of the European manufacturing sector, having indirect effects in other key areas. for the economy. A recent study carried out by the European House Ambrosetti analyzed the possible impact of a strengthened plastic value chain in Italy and Europe. The results show a multiplier effect of almost 2,4 points. Thus, 100 euros of GDP in the Italian plastics value chain generates 238 euros of GDP in the national economy, and for each job created in the plastics sector, almost 3 additional jobs are created for the economy in general.
The press conference took place before the Polytalk 2014 European plastics industry summit “For the rebirth of the industry in Europe… let's make it possible”. The summit brings together for two days high-level leaders from the political, industrial, scientific and academic spheres to discuss how the plastics industry can support and contribute to increasing the industrial share of GDP in Europe from the current 15,3% to 20% by 2020.

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