The industry urges the implementation of immediate measures to reduce the impact of the stoppage of freight transport

21, March, 2022

Alliance for the Competitiveness of the Spanish Industry

La Alliance for the Competitiveness of the Spanish Industry, constituted by ANFAC (automotive), AOP (refining), ASPAPEL (paper), FEIQUE (chemicals and pharmaceuticals), FIAB (food and beverages), OFICEMEN (cement) and UNESID (steel), As a continuation of the press release of March 17, it now reveals its critical situation. The serious problems to maintain industrial activity and the free movement of goods have resulted in factory stoppages in all sectors with a very high economic impact on the Spanish economy. The problems are going to get worse if the violent actions are not stopped, with irreparable consequences.

At this time, in addition to guaranteeing respect for voluntary business activity and the free movement of goods through the actions of the Ministry of the Interior, it is necessary for the Government to take urgent measures to resolve the conflict, promoting forceful measures as soon as possible to reduce the price of fuel, as they have done in other European countries, and bring forward the measures it has planned for the shock plan of March 29, since it is now when they are necessary.


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