The strength of the internationalization of the Spanish economy improves by 8,23%

July 10, 2017

The strength of the internationalization of the Spanish economy improved by 8,23% throughout 2016, as indicated by the Internationalization Strength Index (ISI), produced by amec, the association of internationalized industrial companies. This index places the strength of internationalization at 6,97 points out of 10. The improvement in 2016 exceeds that registered the previous year, of 3,70%.

Among the indicators that contributed positively to the ISI in 2016 are mainly foreign investment, exporting SMEs and financial instruments, as well as business diversification of exports. The general director of amec, Joan Tristany, highlights that the Spanish medium and small industry exports on a regular basis.

Another indicator that has improved is that of export barriers, although "these barriers are still excessive and it is necessary to work to improve them", as indicated by Tristany. Foreign investment and the technological level of exports also have a long way to go for improvement.

On the other hand, among the indicators that had a negative behavior, there is the weight of exports over GDP; that of the geographical diversification of investment and exports - due to a greater concentration in the EU -; that of the sectoral diversification of exports; and that of investment abroad.


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