The University of Seville and Fujitsu sign an agreement to promote projects

March 25th 2014

The general director of Fujitsu, Ángeles Delgado, and the rector of the University of Seville, Antonio Ramírez de Arellano, have signed a collaboration agreement for the next four years, the general objective of which is to promote the creation of elements of value, which allow consolidating an ecosystem of education, research and innovation, a lever for social transformation and a strategic pole for regional development and internationalization.
For this, both entities will carry out innovative and competitive initiatives, aimed at providing added value as a result of this strategic cooperation, seeking to provide solutions to improve quality, efficiency, university teaching and improving the transformation of knowledge to achieve greater competitiveness and increased innovation. In addition, it will collaborate with the Andalucía Tech International Campus of Excellence in its main areas: energy, environment, biotechnology, communications and mobility, transport, aerospace and tourism.
This agreement is based on the development of 12 fundamental objectives, among which are the promotion of joint research projects to build a cluster of research, technology transfer and higher education on issues of energy, environment, biotechnology, communications, mobility, transportation, aerospace and tourism; and the preparation of plans for the development of innovative solutions in the field of society and ICT services, among which people-centered solutions stand out, for the construction of Smart-City, within the framework of health services and I + D + i.

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