Labelabbymanter 2.0, the tool that facilitates the design of wine labels

March 10th 2014

Labelabbymanter 2.0 is already updated and available on its website. This application, intended for graphic designers, allows you to create wine and beer bottle labels and view the results on a virtual bottle with great detail in the finishes. The application, which was presented to the public for the first time last week at an event organized by Estudio Pedro González and within the framework of Valencia Disseny Week, is developed by Manter and is a tool that aims to facilitate work to all label designers, so they don't have to produce samples to see their finished designs in a bottle.
Labelabbymanter 2.0 is free and can be found online at The application, available in up to seven languages, allows you to choose between seven different models of bottles, both wine and beer. It also allows you to decide the type of glass, the different wines available (white, rosé and red) or beer (blonde, red and black). The self-adhesive paper has up to 32 different finishes with the possibility of choice. And then, it is capable of combining all these variants with the designs of each designer, which can be added by layers to the application and carry out the effects in each one.
Once the label is finished, the application offers up to three zoom views, details in high definition, the technical sheet of each paper and an image size sufficient to print in large format and at high quality. The 2.0 application, available for both computers and mobile devices, has been improved thanks to the free contribution of designers who have been commenting on its use from its use. Now, Labeblabbymanter 2.0 opens up endless possibilities for printers and designers specializing in beer and wine labels.
The application allows you to access Manter's self-adhesive paper collections. An extensive range of suggestions and exclusive options whose objective is to offer its customers the differentiation and exclusivity of their bottles on the shelves of any shopping center. Papers marked with felt, laid, recycled, embossed, metallized, coated, synthetics, etc. To meet any application need, Manter manufactures hundreds of exclusive self-adhesive materials that have turned its collections into a unique business card.
Along with the application, Manter also presented its new catalog Somemelier & Gourmet, Wine & Spirit Collection, a collection of innovative and exclusive Fedrigoni papers, with new textures and surprising colors. This new catalog, which has an imaginative and innovative format that imitates a pantonera, allows you to touch and observe in detail each of its self-adhesive papers. An exclusive detail that the brand wanted to make for its customers.

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