Lanjarón already has all its 100% recycled packaging

14, March, 2022


Lanjarón, brand of danone waters, has taken new steps to get closer to its goal of being carbon neutral by 2025. Specifically, the company has announced the transformation of its entire portfolio to 100% rPet, a milestone that means, in 2022, avoiding the emission of 7.877 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent and an annual saving of 5.000 tons of virgin plastic. 

All brand products are designed based on recycled plastic (rPet) to be recyclable and reusable, a fact that guarantees that the material never becomes waste and can be used again as a resource in production, following the concept of 'bottle to bottle' (one bottle for another). In this way, it contributes to the company's circular economy strategy and its efforts to reduce and minimize the environmental impacts generated.   

A new bottle, certified Carbon Neutrality and 100% rPet.  

Lanjarón accompanies the transformation of its portfolio to 100% rPet with the launch of its bottle more circular, fully recyclable and transparent, which is made entirely of recycled plastic (rPet), has the integrated stopper and the bottle does not have the vinyl label band. In this way, the brand wants to facilitate consumer recycling and avoid the annual production of 250 kg of virgin plastic, achieving savings of 600 kg of CO2eq in its annual emissions. In addition, this novelty has achieved the certification of Carbon Neutrality hand in hand with the Carbon Trust after an evaluation based on the PAS 2060:2014 standard, which establishes the requirements to achieve Carbon Neutrality. 

The new container model, which for the time being will be applied to the 1,25 L format, aims to facilitate recycling for the consumer as it dispenses with a fundamental element in the packaging of the bottle during its recycling, the label, and allows it not to be lose any element during the process thanks to having the cap integrated in the bottle, cap and bottle are indivisibly joined, thus ensuring the recycling of both elements.  


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