Lanjarón launches a special edition to celebrate Andalusian fairs

13, June, 2022

They landed

Lanjarón, from Aguas Danone, launches a special edition of three bottles of 75cl to join the celebration of the Andalusian fairs. The brand claims the classic icons of Andalusian culture that reinforce its link with the land that gives it its origin.

The bottles, launched exclusively for the Horeca channel, will be available in restaurants and bars in Granada, Seville and Malaga during the months of June, July and August.

This edition is presented under the motto Passion for the origin. «In Lanjarón we come with a thirst for fairs, a symbol of celebration of Andalusian culture and that, from the brand, we want to capitalize on by launching a special edition, which we have designed with great care, to convey the passion we feel for our land», ensures Patricia sanchez, Senior Brand Manager of Lanjarón.


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