The new textures of Knauf Industries packaging

May 2th 2019

Knauf Industries has launched Kary, a new range of thermoformed trays to preserve and present seafood. The main novelty of the Knauf Industries launches at Seafood is the new collection of textures and colors for eco-sustainable food packaging. The finishes of slate, wood and esparto, among others, provide a feeling of homemade food and are designed so that the consumer can bring the dishes packed with an elegant presentation directly to the table.

“We are aware that packaging defines the first impression we have of a product; that is why our new packaging takes special care of the texture ”, says Víctor Borrás, Marketing Manager at Knauf Industries. “Unlike the other senses, touch interacts directly with objects. The contact of the texture with our skin transmits a message to the brain about the quality of the product ”.

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