The mass consumption organizations consider it to be of utmost urgency to put an end to the transport strike

23, March, 2022


Faced with the worsening of the transport strike, the associations that make up the agri-food value chain and mass consumption –AECOC, ACES, ANGED, ASEDAS, Agro-Food Cooperatives and FIAB– warn that the situation is already unsustainable at this time and urge an immediate end to a conflict that is having high costs for the economy and society as a whole.

When 9 days have elapsed since the start of the strike, from the agri-food value chain and mass consumption it is considered "undeferrable to put an end to this situation that is putting the supply of products at clear risk, as well as the continuity of thousands of businesses and jobs”.

AECOC, ACES, ANGED, ASEDAS, Cooperativas Agroalimentarias and FIAB call on the Government of Spain to "urgently intervene in a conflict that has become a State problem with an impact on the economy and citizens that does not admit of delay" .

They also demand that the safety and right to work of carriers who do not want to join the strike be guaranteed, and that those who support it do not coerce the rest of the sectors of the chain or prevent the free movement of goods.

The strike is already having a great impact on the entire food chain -primary sector, industry, transport and distribution-, causing serious economic damage, the paralysis and closure of factories and endangering more than 100.000 jobs.

Numerous companies and cooperatives have had to interrupt their manufacturing processes and have been forced to temporarily close their plants due to lack of supply as Calvo, Azucarera, Cuétara, Dcoop, JaenCoop, Agrosevilla or feed factories and others such as Danone, Estrella de Galicia or Heineken-Cruzcampo They have announced that they will have to do it soon.

Given this situation, distribution companies work to adapt their assortment, trying to replace those products that are not reaching the point of sale with other alternatives, so that the consumer can make their purchase as normally as possible.

In this sense, it is important to highlight the effort that all suppliers are making so that, even in situations like the current one, as many products as possible can reach stores to avoid shortages.


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