LIASA activates a special production for the sanitary emergency

8, April, 2020

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LIASA The Cotton Industry has reoriented part of its production to manufacture components of medical devices to contribute in the fight against the coronavirus.

In just one weekend, LIASA adapted several production lines to manufacture elastic bands suitable for sewing on protective masks. The company has enabled 4 production shifts seven days a week, so it is being manufactured 24 hours a day to respond to the huge health demand due to the crisis generated by Covid19.

The CEO and Vice President of LIASA, Jaime Cabre, affirms that, currently, the changes and adaptations in the production lines are allowing a weekly manufacture of 1.000.000 meters, that is, the equivalent of 3.000.000 masks a week. The company is already working on the production of more than 300.000 meters in orders.

In fact, the entire textile industry has turned to this work and LIASA has collaborated with several companies in the sector in the province to provide each part of the components and give the material in the form of a donation. In this case, LIASA not only has the ability to manufacture rubber bands and elastic tapes, but can also serve them cut to size to reduce sewing times and speed up production.

 LIASA is a century-old family business, founded in 1918 and based in La Selva del Camp, Tarragona, which employs 50 people directly and has a turnover of around 5 million euros a year. 

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