LINPAC presents the range of ventilated pyramidal containers

June 22th, 2016

LINPAC, a manufacturer of packaging for fresh food, has expanded its Freshware® range with a new variety of vented pyramidal containers, which meet the demands of the aperitif and ready meals sector.

Nick James, European Sales Director for Freshware at LINPAC, says: “When the takeaway trend took hold, portability, ease of use, and above all indulgence were all important - indulge in a treat. out of home. Over the last few years we have seen the need to reach a more health-conscious consumer in the snack food and prepared meals sector. They are still looking for portability and ease of use, but now we are developing packaging for other types of products. 

The new vented pyramidal containers are designed for whole vegetables consumed as “mini-snacks” such as peppers, cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes. Vents have been added to the pyramid container to allow air to circulate and food to breathe, eliminating condensation and increasing shelf life. In addition, the containers are designed in such a way that they do not lose rigidity or reduce the protection factor.

LINPAC's Freshware range comprises a series of containers for fruit, salads, sauces, sandwich fillings, fresh pasta, olives, appetizers, tapas and nuts. The pyramidal containers are available in different sizes and you can choose between a curved or flat lid. It is also possible to include small forks in the packages for greater convenience.

Clear rPET containers are manufactured using extensive post-consumer recycling (PCR), cleaned by LINPAC to ensure compliance with all food safety regulations.

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