L'Oréal and Texen develop a new generation of 100% recycled PP lids

15, March, 2022


For the new skin care line of Biotherm, and consistent with the goal of L'Oréal de reduce environmental footprint of their packaging, texen has taken on the challenge of eco-design, using a new material that allows decoration.

It is a tapa which can be adapted to different shapes of skin care cosmetic jars/bottles, such as Wax Repair and Blue Therapy.

Parts are hot stamped across their entire surface without any overlap, a challenge when using this type of material. The same happens with the brand logo, created in reserve, voluntarily leaving the raw material visible in the center. To reduce the environmental footprint, the excellent adhesion of hot stamping on the rPP allowed Texen to avoid the application of protective varnish.

This comprehensive eco-design approach, for which the use of rPP is the cornerstone, benefits from the agility of an automated production line.


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