Spicy and sweet-flavored pickles, Martín Berasategui's favorites

2, May, 2022

Martin Berasategui pickles

Groupers, a world leader in the production and marketing of capers and pickles, presents, together with its gastronomic advisor, the renowned Chef Martin Berasategui, a complete line of global hot pickles, the first on the market.

After the official presentation of this new range of products at the Delicias Agrucapers headquarters, the company and Martín Berasategui have renewed their alliance until 2026. In this way, the prestigious chef, who has been associated with the brand since 2018, will continue to be his advisor gastronomic.

The new spicy line of Delicias Agrucapers includes capers, gherkins, capers, garlic and pickles mix. The range of candy-flavored kids flavors, designed as a healthy snack for children and young people, includes: strawberry and banana flavor pickles, and cola and pineapple flavor onions, all of them maintaining the nutritional values ​​of the Mediterranean diet. This line has recently been launched with great success both in Spain and in international markets, and can be purchased, as well as the rest of the products and a wide variety of thematic packs, in the company's new e-commerce.


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