Luis Fernandes, Commercial Director Carpisa Foods

May 7th 2024

«Our commitment to innovation has allowed us to advance in the world of hamburgers»

What positioning does Carpisa Foods have globally and in Spain?
Carpisa Foods is a leading company in the Spanish food sector with more than 35 years of experience. For us, being leaders means contributing to improving the sector, exploring and promoting new meat solutions adapted to the demands and needs of society. But improvement involves promoting sustainability, protecting the rural environment and good livestock practices and valuing our raw materials. We are committed to exceeding the highest quality standards, which is why we manage the entire value chain to ensure maximum food safety in the sector.

They are references in hamburgers. What would be your star products?
Our commitment to innovation has allowed us to advance in the world of hamburgers. Today we are able to produce products tailored to clients, in large quantities, in different types of shapes and sizes and with personalized mixtures. This capacity to adapt, offering what best responds to the demand of each moment, is the company's identity.
In this sense, last year we launched a new range of hamburgers on the market that makes the smash cooking technique easier for chefs, one of the growing gastronomic trends. Taking into account the high demand for this type of hamburger, the R&D department makes a 70g hamburger available to professionals in the horeca channel, whose texture and composition make it easier for chefs to caramelize the meat and create a crispy texture on the outside. , but maintaining the juiciness of the interior.
Furthermore, at Alimentaria 2024, we have presented our new range of 2024 hamburgers, with proposals such as entrail, butcher's, matured or smoked, among others.

With the rise of veganism, have you thought about launching vegetable protein burgers?
We have explored these options, with veggie launches aimed at the retail channel. At this time, we do not have these products in our portfolio and we do not plan to include them in the short term.

Do you have halal products?
We have been producing halal products for years until we are positioned in this segment, within our strategy of diversifying the portfolio that we offer to professionals. We will continue working in this line.

What releases do you have planned soon?
We will continue to innovate these months through
of new products and production processes and techniques. In addition to the new range of hamburgers, with select recipes and cuts, we will continue to promote new developments aimed at the retail channel.
Likewise, a couple of years ago we have entered the retail channel under the Brooklyn Town brand. Last year we launched two new varieties of our Ready-To-Eat burgers: Chicken and BBQ, and for this year we have more launches planned that we will tell you about in the coming months.

Do you think fair events like Alimentaria are necessary?
Yes, large fairs in the sector such as Alimentaria are very important for our business since they allow us to present our latest innovations and products, as well as observe and share with the agents of the sector what are the trends that will mark the future of the coming years. . It is an essential space to network and close commercial agreements, but above all to take the pulse of the sector and apply that knowledge to our production processes.

Is it true that more and more prepared dishes are consumed?
Food consumption habits in Spain have changed in recent months due to economic uncertainty, the rise in shopping basket prices and the rise in the cost of fresh products. Consumers have been forced to look for other purchasing options and refrigerated ready meals have responded to their needs with tasty products, increasingly elaborate recipes adapted to different lifestyles.
The ready meals market has great growth potential and for this, innovation is key. For this reason, at Brooklyn Town we will continue to promote the development of new products and recipes that allow us to respond to consumer needs and the latest trends.

What do you want to convey with the packaging of your products?
With the packaging of our Brooklyn Town Ready to Eat burgers we want to convey the ease and convenience of our product, ready in just 90 seconds in the microwave. In addition, we use intense colors, which allow us to draw the attention of consumers within the supermarket shelf and convey the dynamism and non-conformity of the brand.

Do you mostly use plastic or also cardboard? Do they use recycled plastic?
The packaging used in Brooklyn Town's Ready-to-Eat burgers features an integrated grill system. This system allows the product to be cooked in a very short time without losing its good flavor and organoleptic properties, ensuring that the bread is as freshly made and the meat retains its juiciness. In addition, 66% less plastic is used than in conventional rigid packaging.

Do you follow ecodesign criteria for your packaging?
In our packaging we always take into account different aspects that contribute to making them more sustainable.

What are your future projects?
For the coming years we will continue carrying out projects and investments that seek to develop our business, both in the hospitality and retail channels, focusing on innovation at the level of products and processes.

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