Luis The Sailor (Bodegas Valdepablo)

June 22th, 2015

The new Spanish sangria Luis The Marinero

The new Spanish sangria Luis The Marinero, in three different flavors (Red, White and Rosé), is presented in bottles with bold graphics and cheerful design.
With a cool packaging and in keeping with summer trends, Luis The Marinero sangrías are made with traditionally made wines and natural ingredients.
Luis The Marinero Red is a ruby ​​red sangria with a tear in the glass, where the primary aromas of the wine are combined with red berries - blueberries and cherries - with soft melted citrus aromas along with sweet notes of cinnamon.
Luis The Marinero White is a sangria that evokes all the Mediterranean flavor, made with a fruity white wine with clean and citrus aromas.
Luis The Marinero Rosé is an attractive sangria with a soft pink color, fresh and explosive aromas on the nose, high citric potential with hints of strawberry and raspberry.

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