Lumson creates the packaging of Biotherm Homme Aquapower Advanced Gel

3, October, 2022

Lumson creates the Biotherm Homme Aquapower Advanced Gel packaging,

Lumson creates the Biotherm Homme Aquapower Advanced Gel packaging, an ultra-hydrating treatment for men's skin. It's about a airless system of cup with bag that protects the formula from the risk of contamination and guarantees an optimal dosage of the product.

For Biotherm, the shape of beauty is inspired by water. The design of the new airless container is, in fact, the combination of aesthetics and functionality. The square shape of the container, softened by the rounded edges, gives the impression of having been created by the flow of the waves of the sea. Instead, the color, the iconic green of the brand, evokes freshness and hydration, two of the benefits of the Gel.

La sensoriality it is also a distinctive element of the packaging developed for Biotherm. The airless bottle is characterized by a smooth finish that makes it pleasant to the touch and protects the bottle from fingerprints while reflecting the mattifying effect of the Gel.

La sustainable footprint of this solution gives it an additional added value: it uses 40% recycled glass while the pump and lid are styrene-free.

The container developed for Aquapower Gel is part of a new range of square-shaped airless solutions that share shape and finish and were developed in various sizes (50, 75, 100 ml) and colors, which Biotherm has chosen to use, in some cases , such as re-packaging for products that are already in your collection and in other cases, for new Homme products.


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