Majda Bekkali / Pujolasos

30, September, 2013

Pujolasos presents an egg-shaped wooden plug

Pujolasos features a Wenge-stained, egg-shaped wooden stopper, suitable for the neck of a standard FEA bottle, specially designed for Majda Bekkali's Olfactory Sculptures.
"Our final touch? The erosion of the plug made to measure to guarantee this aspect, touch and sensation ”, says Isabel Pujolasos, Sales Manager of the company. "We work closely with the client on a wide variety of designs and finishes." The challenge was to adapt the technology of wood to sculpture, a challenge successfully achieved by Pujolasos and the luxury perfume brand.
Wood has become an interesting alternative for luxury perfumery and cosmetic products. It is heavy, solid like glass and metal, it can be easily customized without having to invest in expensive molds, thus being a creative and competitive option towards plastic. The production of complicated shapes is easy and this is a great advantage for designers.


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