Maverick by Vetroelite

2, November, 2021


Refined in every detail, traditional in style, Maverick by Vetroelite is a bottle classic with large faces that allow a wide decoration and the application of extra-large labels, promoting very creative customization. It is perfect for spirits and liqueurs.

Vetroelite chose Maverick's design to tell the Irish tradition, its fine whiskeys aged. The golden color of the distillate anticipates a smooth flavor with sweet hints of honey and caramel and emphasizes the silkscreen on the front; labels on the body and neck of the bottle add refinement to the package. The result is a very delicate visual and tactile narrative, an unpublished story of sun-ripened barley.

Maverick stands out for its extra glass shiny surface, the neck finishplatforms, ample space for decoration and labels and rectangular shape with good stability, guaranteed by a certain level of glass at the bottom. It is available in a 700ml size.

It is a bottle with a revised traditional shape, with a harmonized rectangular profile thanks to the softer corners, which is positioned in the range of bottles with medium height, with the possibility of changing the finish of the neck with ease of use.


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