ME Tonic

26, July, 2013

The Premium ME Tonic is one year old next September. To celebrate

Premium ME Tonic is one year old next September. To celebrate it, it presents a special edition of its bottle with a young, unique, urban and very carefree design.
If the ME Tonic bottle, the tallest on the market, stands out for its ergonomic lines, now the exclusive and limited edition of the bottle is presented in silkscreen printing.
For its design, ME Tonic organized a competition at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid (IED) among promising young people. The author of this design is Jonathan Castro Achaques. A 21-year-old graphic artist from Madrid who, marker in hand, created the ME Tonic city with precise but dynamic lines and with the brand's green as the protagonist. It is especially noteworthy how he has turned the logo into a light hot air balloon from which a mini bottle hangs that flies over the comic city.
The special First Anniversary bottle is sold in packs of 4 bottles.


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