Round Table on Beauty Packaging

March 24th 2015

More and more personalized packaging, the search for naturalness from technology, eco-friendly materials, shorter series and shorter time frames are some of the trends that are distinguished in relation to the packaging of beauty products, whether they are distributed in perfumery as in pharmacy or aesthetics.

These were some of the conclusions reached at the round table on beauty packaging held at Palace 1 of Fira de Barcelona, ​​moderated by our magazine News Packaging, which was attended by: Albert Sanahuja, from Decopak Europ; Raquel Guirado, from Cosmeprint; Jordi Pallejà, from Thalgo; Maribel Belles, from Natura Bissé; Miguel Ángel Herranz, from Genocosmetics (Genoxage); María Torrubia, from Idesa Parfums; Álex Vallbona, from Birchbox; and Iván Borrego, cluster manager of Beauty Cluster Barcelona, ​​in addition to Ada Bergillos, Maica García and Carles Solsona, of Podium Ediciones, editorial of the magazine News Packaging, and Alba Batiste, marketing director of Hispack, and Xavier Pascual, director of Hispack.
Is 60-70% of the success of a product due to packaging? Many of those present agreed that it was, especially if the product is unknown. "It is equal parts efficiency and illusion," said Miguel Ángel Herranz, general director of Genocosmetics (Genoxage), who predicted that the packaging of the future would be an intelligent one that incorporates personalization, design, technology and ecology, in short productions .
"The packaging must reflect the values ​​of the brand," said María Torrubia, from Idesa Parfums; In other words, it is very important that the packaging transmits the philosophy of the firm.
As for the packaging itself, in general terms, according to Raquel Guirado, Sales Manager at Cosmeprint, a clear trend is white, which denotes cleanliness and seriousness, as well as silver, synonymous with "higher quality"; Even if they are two identical containers, if one of them is silver it already "seems" superior, the perception of metallization revalues ​​the product. "The client has much more knowledge of packaging, there is more packaging culture," he said.
In this regard, Albert Sanahuja, general manager of Decopak Europ, stated: “The trend towards white is clear, on any surface both in plastic and aluminum, in glass as well, but less so. Vacuum metallization has always existed, but it depends on the product that it can be done in one way or another ”. Albert Sanahuja mentioned the excellent result achieved by Adrenaline by Enrique Iglesias, a completely red bottle painted by Decopak, which has won an award in the latest edition of the Perfume Academy Awards. It also coincided with the rise of silver. "Customers ask us what do you have new?" They seek greater differentiation through the personalization of their products.
It is precisely the silver tone that is characteristic of Natura Bissé, as Maribel Belles pointed out, a cosmetic brand whose rise has been very rapid and has established itself as a benchmark in the market.
In packaging for treatment cosmetics, it is difficult to innovate, because research, product formulation requires more time than other sectors, such as makeup, an area where novelties occur more quickly. Regarding the way of dispensing, the airless system stands out, which protects the formulation from oxidation and contamination from external agents, in addition to allowing the maximum use of the product, since there is no remnant of it. The evolution of pumps and valves allows the creation of more precise dosage packages. In fact, the serum is the third best-selling product, although the jar is still number one, as indicated by María Torrubia, responsible for the Anne Möller brand at Idesa Parfums.
Regarding new technologies, Álex Vallbona, general director of Birchbox in Spain, commented: “through social networks and the internet, the consumer has a loudspeaker to make their needs reach brands. In our business model, we still see it faster, there is a trend towards more efficiency and less aspirational product, as well as more ecological issues ”.
Regarding the distribution channel, facial, body and hair care products have more and more space on pharmacy shelves. They have been gaining prominence, once pharmacists have seen that it could be a source of income that compensates for the fall in profits from the sale of other OTC products and medicines. “The product that until now was distributed in the pharmaceutical channel wanted to convey the efficacy behind it, safety, and now certain brands are evolving towards generating emotions and illusion, which is finally part of how to sell the product. In the end, packaging continues to be one more element in marketing and communication ”, said Álex Vallbona.
“Cosmetics are efficiency and illusion. If the face is the mirror of the soul, packaging is the mirror of cosmetics. Although the pharmacy is the only channel that grows, it has a little white and silver left over and it lacks a bit of illusion, ”said Miguel Ángel Herranz.
Thus, the dermo-cosmetic products available in pharmacies now have improved textures, as well as more attractive packaging. But for this trend to continue, those attending the round table commented that more training is necessary in this area for pharmacy personnel. At this point, Jordi Pallejà, managing director of Thalgo, agreed that a more professional training of beauticians is also necessary, as well as raising the current one to a university degree, which would give more confidence and security to the consumer.
Finally, the director of Hispack, Xavier Pascual, spoke about the next edition of the Show, which will be held from April 21 to 24 at the Fira de Barcelona's Gran Via venue.

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