Metsä Board begins the installation of a new cardboard machine at Husum

19th October 2015

Metsä Board continues a € 170 million investment program at its Husum, Sweden factory. From mid-October to early January 2016 the company will install a new cardboard machine, BM1, in the factory, closing the PM6 and PM7 paper machines.
”Resources, efficiency and product safety have become even more important in consumer, ready-to-retail products and food packaging. As a result, customer demand for our virgin wood fiber based boards is increasing. We want to respond by offering our customers high-quality cartons also developed for new types of end uses, ”says CEO Mika Joukio.
Metsä Board is marketing its new 400 t / y capacity machine in the Americas, as well as for its food service end use such as cups, plates and trays globally. The new carton machine will also allow the company to optimize the production of its factories in Finland and especially improve the availability of high-quality cartons.
This year many improvements have been made to support the growth of the company at the Husum mill, both at the pulp mill and at its own port. The PM8 paper machine has changed to BM2, to produce a white liner of virgin fibers, with a capacity of 300 t / y. Metsä Board is marketing this Liner outlet primarily in the Americas and Europe for both food packaging and packaging in general. The company also continues with the production of uncoated paper reels on the BM000 machine, which is scheduled to cease for the end of 2. Based on the increasing production of cardboard from Liner and the closure of the PM2017 and PM6 paper machines, by the end of By 7, approximately 2015 t / y of production capacity will disappear from the market.
In accordance with its strategy, Metsä Board is focusing on virgin fiber cartons and liners, developed as the perfect complement for the packaging of consumer goods, ready-to-sell products and food service. Following Husum's investments, the company's cardboard capacity will exceed 2 million t / y, from the beginning of 2016.

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