Metsä Board starts new extrusion coating line in Sweden

May 1th 2017

Metsä Board announces the start of its new extrusion coating line at their husum factory in Sweden. State-of-the-art, it has an annual capacity of around 100.000 tons and represents an investment of 38 million euros. At the same site, Metsä Board operates a 270.000 tonne smooth board machine and the most modern in Europe, which started production in early 2016 with an annual capacity of 400.000 tonnes.

The new extrusion coating line, which is now producing the first orders, will serve the global food market. The cartons Metsä Board's PE-liners meet the demanding requirements of the foodservice market by providing product safety, purity and protection. Cartons made from virgin wood fibers and renewable fibers are a preferred alternative to plastics for cups, plates, and other takeout food packaging, as well as for frozen food packaging. Cartons also offer great value for other consumer goods and foodservice packaging. Currently, PE is the most common moisture and water barrier for food packaging and food service packaging.

“In developing the new PE coated grades, we have used our long experience in cardboard manufacturing combined with the latest technology. We have an integrated facility in Husum which is a clear advantage. We are sourcing lumber close to the mill and producing pulp, cardboard and extrusion coated board in the same facility with an excellent location near the port. This allows us to minimize transportation and improve the efficiency and sustainability of the supply chain that is important to us and our customers, ”states CEO Mika Joukio.


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