Miel Muria presents the first Flower Honey at European level with PEFC certification

21, March, 2022

Muria honey

Miel Muria presents the first Flower Honey from sustainable forests with PEFC certificate. This is the first honey from forests certified in Sustainable Forest Management in Europe and the first to be exported worldwide.

Miel Muria beekeepers collect flower honey from PEFC-certified farms, where controlled forest actions are carried out to favor the ecosystem and biodiversity, and they respect their chain of custody at all times.

True to its commitment to responsible production, Miel Muria has designed and created a the packaging totally consistent with the product plastic free throughout its production, packaging and labeling process: tapa made with PEFC-certified cardboard; label with PEFC certified paper; palletizing in PEFC-certified corrugated cardboard boxes and recyclable glass jar.

According to Juan Luis Abian, President of PEFC Spain: «Thanks to this new Flower Honey that Miel Muria presents today, from PEFC Spain and PEFC Europe we have had to create a new audit system to control the traceability of this innovative product. Through this process, which from now on we will also be able to use in other areas of the honey production sector, we guarantee that the origin is from totally sustainable forests.”

Miel Muria's business policy maintains a faithful social and environmental commitment and carries out numerous actions to maintain biodiversity beyond the care of bees.

For, Raphael Muria, manager of Miel Muria: «As an innovative company, we are very happy to be the first to create a pioneering honey not only here, but throughout Europe. And as a company committed to the environment and with an ecological awareness and philosophy, we have been applying all the advances that are in our hands to achieve maximum sustainability for a long time.

Lately the company has also created an innovative line of organic honey candies with 100% compostable packaging, unique worldwide. The Miel Muria team also works to achieve zero waste: a philosophy that encourages redesign in the manufacture of products that are easily reusable and that do not leave waste on the planet.


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