Moët & Chandon / Van Genechten

7th October 2013

Twinkle Box

Twinkle Box, created by Van Genechten for Moët & Chandon, is a replacement for conventional metal or plastic coolers. For its production, two cardboard grades with metallized surfaces were laminated, and the outer sheet is made with Ensocoat from Stora Enso.
Twinkle Box has won the award for the best carton of the year 2013, in the latest edition of the Pro Carton / ECMA awards.
It is a shorter box than conventional champagne containers, so that the neck of the bottle remains visible while the container protects the bottom of the bottle and makes it more attractive. In addition, the container can be stored in the refrigerator and, as it is insulated, it will help to keep the bottle cold once it is out; in fact, it keeps the champagne bottle cold for two hours.

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