Molpack presents M3R Jar, its most sustainable jar

June 4th, 2024


Molpack expands the range of jars from its catalog with the first of the M3R family: a Recyclable jar, Recycled y Refill.

Responding to its commitment to innovation and sustainability, the company has made a strong commitment to R&D and eco-responsible developments in recent years. As a result of this commitment, Molpack presented its M3R range last January, which was born with M3R Airless and which today is expanded with M3R Jar.

M3R Jar is an elegant and sustainable packaging made up of 3 fully customizable pieces: glass jar with great transparency and weight at its base, to increase the premium feel of the final set; PP lid on the inside and PP or R-PP PCR on the outside, and refill bucket made of PP and available in PCR materials, in the percentage that the client desires up to 100%.

    An easily refillable container thanks to the design of the bucket with a tab that, once the product has been consumed, makes it easy to remove from the jar to replace it with a new one. A completely airtight refill piece made of 100% PP until it is used, ideal for containing a wide variety of cosmetic formulas of very varied viscosities.

    A proposal developed by Molpack's internal technical engineering team, with a functional and easy-to-use design, which offers a high level of finishes. Available in 50ml capacity.

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