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17, June, 2015

British Gin Mom

The British Mom gin, known as "The Queen of Gins", reaches the Spanish market with a personalized packaging from Estal Packaging.
Its black and magenta design reveals the same duality as the British character: traditional and avant-garde. It is a bottle model with peculiarities in its packaging, since Estal Packaging has created the first opaque black glass bottle on which two-color screen printing is applied. This innovative bottle is complemented in the closure with an overcapping capsule that improves the facing and definitely locates the distillate as a Premium product.
In addition, it incorporates, for the first time, the non-refillable GPI solution, patented by Estal Packaging, based on a non-refillable system that guarantees the authenticity of the content.
Commercialized by González Byass.


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