Mondi and Reckitt launch paper packaging for Finish

November 2th 2022


Worlds has designed the new paper-based packaging for Finish dishwasher tablets (Rekitt).

Dishwasher tablet packaging needs to be sealable, durable and waterproof, so using paper has traditionally been a challenge. Working closely with Mondi's EcoSolutions approach, Mondi and Reckitt created a sustainable solution: Finish's new packaging has successfully replaced 75% of plastic with responsibly sourced paper.

The remaining plastic is used to strengthen the structure of the paper and provide a protective barrier to ensure the quality and safety of the finished product, as well as a reclosable seal.

Initially, the new paper-based packaging for Finish will launch exclusively with Carrefour in France, where the packaging is recyclable in existing paper recycling streams. The necessary adaptations after the initial launch to the market will be incorporated before its roll-out in other countries during the next few years.

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