Montserrat Vilanova, Manager of Cideyeg Packaging

1, May, 2022


"The trust of our customers has been key to continue growing"

The Industrial Packaging and Graphic Studies Company, better known as Cideyeg, is a family business that celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. They are specialized in the creation, development and printing of compact and custom-made cardboard packaging for major brands in the high-end cosmetics, perfumery, food and textile sectors.

What is the secret to maintaining leadership generation after generation?
There is no magic formula that guarantees success. The market evolves very fast and there are always new challenges to overcome. The passion for a job well done is our engine to continue advancing and offer the best graphic solutions to all our clients' projects.
The Know How comes from my father, Salvador Vilanova, who passed on all his good work and learning to us to this day and I hope for many more years!
Also, the trust of our customers, most of them loyal from the beginning, has been key to continue growing and evolving hand in hand. If it weren't for them we wouldn't be celebrating the 60th anniversary. So thanks!

What do they mean when they say on their website: "we dress your products with quality material and sustainable values"?
The concept "we dress your products" has been with us since the beginning... My father always said that our job was like that of a tailor, that is, making tailored dresses for each product so that it stands out on the shelf. And we've been doing that for 60 years!
Today, things have changed a lot and we cannot work like the beginnings: we have to listen to current needs, observe new trends and see how we can stand out. The quality of the finished pack is one of our most differential values ​​and appreciated by customers. And, for some years now, we have added fully sustainable practices to our activities to reduce our environmental footprint on the planet while promoting sustainable forest management.
So we could say that "we dress your products with quality material and sustainable values" is the result of our trajectory and evolution as a company and in the sector.

How has the sector and the company evolved during this time?
Our beginnings go back to a time when Terrassa (Barcelona) experienced its maximum industrial and textile boom. The founder of the company, Salvador Vilanova, had it clear: to produce compact cardboard packs to protect and transport the goods that were generated in the city. Thus, it covered a need in the market. A lot has happened since then, but the know-how and working with the heart remain intact.
Like the current context, the sector and the organization have been evolving year after year. We have adapted to new needs and trends while advancing towards a greener strategy.

Is automation, the digitization of companies the biggest change that has occurred?
60 years of experience allow for many changes. We have experienced many situations, but I suppose so, digitization is marking a turning point, not only in organizations, but also in society as a whole. It is changing the way we relate and communicate. New 100% online communication channels have emerged but there are things that have not changed: close and human treatment continues to lead our hearts. As well as the value of the physical and the tangible. And our challenge is to continue working alongside customers to highlight their products on the shelves with quality packaging that respects the environment.

What was the volume of your production in 2021?
Although 2021 was a year marked by the consequences of the pandemic and the scarcity of raw materials, we managed to carry out more than 650.000.000 packs for large brands in sectors such as high-end cosmetics, perfumery, pharmacy, food and textiles. Thus avoiding interrupting the production chain and bringing the final product closer to the shelf and to the consumer.

Do you work only for the perfumery and cosmetics sector?
No, although the perfumery and high cosmetics sector represents a large part of the annual production, we also manufacture compact cardboard packs for the pharmaceutical, textile and food industries. Although each sector is different and has specific needs, we respond to each one of them to guarantee compliance with the specifications.
For example, in the perfumery, high-end cosmetics or food sector, creativity and design are highly valued, but so is the quality of the finishes: reliefs, shiny touches or stamping highlight the product on the shelf and achieve create a user experience. In our factory we have the technical team and the necessary machinery to achieve these effects in our customers' products.

What kind of finishes do you offer?
We offer all kinds of finishes. By working with paper and cardboard as the main material in the manufacture of the packs, we have the flexibility to mold them and add the "wow" effects that the project requires.
Among others, we highlight: an infinity of varnishes, solutions for the omnichannel product, stampings and additives superimposed on the material to increase the value of the packaging and reliefs and innovative materials.

What characterizes your printing park?
Every year we invest in new machinery. Without exception. It is our great asset and allows us to improve the service and perfect the finishes. As well as gain more agility and improve the production process.
We have more than thirty printing units that allow us to have a complete park in addition to being responsible for the entire packaging creation process: from the moment the project idea enters, to its development and printing. Before leaving our warehouse, it goes through a rigorous quality control to ensure that it will arrive at the customer's home without errors and in compliance with our know-how.
We have the guarantee of the leading company Heidelberg to develop the best prints in the most innovative packaging.

What measures are you implementing for sustainable production?
We have recently invested in the installation of 1.000 solar panels in the plant located in Terrassa with the purpose of converting the energy generated from our activity into green and sustainable. Thanks to the solar panels we will save annually the emission of 160 tons of CO2, 205kg of SOx and 145h of NOx, the gases responsible for the greenhouse effect and global warming.
In addition, for years, we have only worked with European suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint. Likewise, all the paper and cardboard used is certified by the international organizations FSC and PEFC. These organisms guarantee that the raw material is totally responsible with the planet and that it conserves all its natural ecosystems, contributing to sustainable forest management.
Since last year we have collaborated with the WLT entity to help plant trees all over the world. For this 2022 we have a strategic plan to continue protecting more forest hectares.
Lastly, we offer customers the possibility of using recovered cardboard for their creations and packs.

What certifications do they have?
As we mentioned, today we have three certifications: FSC, PEFC and WLT in addition to ISO 9001 and on the way to 14001.

Have you noticed the demand for more sustainable packaging?
Sustainability is a growing trend among society. Before the pandemic broke out, in 2020, there was already a general awareness of the overproduction of plastics and their misuse. With the arrival of Covid-19, confinement and the use of disposable masks, this trend has skyrocketed at all levels and sectors. Today, we are collecting these consequences and the consumer demands that the organizations be the ones to solve it. As we find ourselves at the end of the product strategy chain, brands ask us for alternatives and sustainable arguments to "dress" their products with the least possible environmental impact: less plastic and more guarantees in sustainability.

What trends are observed? Greater customization, more natural finishes...?
63% of Europeans prefer to buy products with paper or cardboard packaging, according to the report "Packaging Preferences 2020" carried out by Two Sides and the independent organization Toluna. The packaging is part of the brand and the product that the consumer buys, so we must be very aligned with the trends and their needs to provide responses according to the situation. As we mentioned, sustainability is on everyone's lips, therefore, the products that we find on the shelves must respond to these demands. As well as proving to be a brand with values ​​and fleeing from “greenwashing”.
As a result of the pandemic and the current situation, the consumer is looking for a balance: simplicity, minimalism and soft colors gain ground in the design that, at the same time, should attract them.


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