Muoto®, Metsä Group's new 3D fiber product

7, June, 2022

Metsa Board

Metsa Spring, the innovation company of Metsa Group, has launched a new 3D fiber product called Muoto®. Muoto has been produced at the Metsä Group and Valmet demo plant in Äänekoski since May 2022 and is made of wood fibers of Metsa Group.

Muoto is easy to use, sustainable and scalable. Using completely new technology, the products are pressed into their final form and their properties can be adapted during the production process according to their intended purpose. Muoto's raw material grows in sustainably managed northern forests and is fully traceable.

Both renewable and recyclable, Muoto is a good alternative to fossil plastic, for example in food packaging, including plates or containers of various sizes and shapes.


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