MW creates a custom board game for Stranger & Stranger

April 10th 2017

This custom board game made by MW Luxury Packaging was a Christmas gift from the Stranger & Stranger design agency. Inspired by Game of Thrones

This custom board game made by MW Luxury Packaging It was a Christmas gift from the design agency Stranger & Stranger. Inspired by Game of Thrones, "The Game of Stranger" is a twisted version of Snakes and Ladders. It revolves around the themes of lust and death.

The set consists of a rigid cardboard outer box wrapped in custom uncoated paper. The textured side panels were worked to mimic snakeskin. Other elements that are reminiscent of this animal are the hot-stamped details in gold and the "forked tongue" ribbon.

This first box contains another whose black suede interior houses the game components. These are the board, two eight-sided copper dice, the instruction manuals with a snakeskin design, and the four acrylic eyeball-shaped tokens in a custom-printed case.

Stranger 2

The board itself has the back in black suede stamped in low relief. The front shows a complex graphic print. Multiple layers of embossing, etching, foil and varnish combine to create a richly textured finish.


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