Nespresso and Elisava unite design and sustainability to enhance coffee tasting

14, March, 2022

Nespresso and Elisava

With the aim of showing the infinite recyclability of aluminum, thus promoting its recycling, and turning it into design elements, Nespresso and Elisava, Faculty of Design and Engineering of Barcelona, ​​have carried out a circularity project in collaboration for creating a functional object made from the aluminum of recycled capsules of the brand, which will also improve the sensory experience of tasting the coffee.

This project, which posed the initial challenge to the students of working with the recycled aluminum of the capsules to give it a second life, has been carried out through an Elisava Innovation Lab with a team of 11 students from the Master's in Product Design, the Degree in Design and the Degree in Industrial Design Engineering of Elisava.

After more than a year of work with different phases of ideation, prototyping, development, casting and machining of aluminum with the aim of manufacturing an object that would respond to the requirements of the project, the result has been a prototype of coffee tasting set that seeks to improve the sensory experience during tasting. 

Under the name of «Lirio», the first piece of the set is presented, ergonomically designed to bring aromatic notes closer to the sense of smell with the aim of evoking the origin of coffee. The second piece of the "Stem" is the result of the transformation of the traditional tasting spoon, maintaining its peculiarities that allow you to savor coffee like a professional barista. Finally, the "Colora" is presented as the final piece with which, thanks to its spiral shape, ingredients can be added to the cup of coffee, integrating the aromas with the natural oils to enrich the tasting. 

Nespresso and Elisava promote sustainability programs that are reinforced by this common project. The collaboration with Nespresso is part of the collaboration agreements that Elisava makes with the business environment. With these agreements, students, always tutored by professionals from the sector and by teachers from the school, have the opportunity to work in real business environments, beyond the training they receive.


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