Nestlé, awarded for its innovation and sustainability

22, November, 2021


Nestlé has won two awards in the IV edition of the Promarca Innovation Awards in the FMCG sector.

With this initiative, this association promotes, recognizes and communicates innovation and the best practices of the industry that favor the growth of the market, competitiveness, employment and the sustainability of the country. 

Specifically, Nestlé has been recognized in the Sustainability category at boiler for the recovery of coffee grounds at its factory in Girona, dedicated to the production of soluble coffee and beverages in single-dose capsules. This boiler, which involved an investment of 17,2 million euros, uses the sediment resulting from the production of soluble coffee to obtain steam, being a clear model of circular economy within the industrial manufacturing process.  

In addition, Nestlé's Veggie Milkmaid, a vegetable alternative to condensed milk, has received the first prize in the Innovation category, by highlighting its contribution to the creation of value in the FMCG sector. This product, unique in the market for making vegan and vegetarian desserts, is characterized by its base of oats, rice and sugar. Its 100% vegetable origin allows veggie consumers to continue enjoying countless homemade desserts, maintaining the same flavor and texture as always. 

On the other hand, the Nestlé Infant Nutrition campaign "Nutre and care x2" has been a finalist in the Social Innovation category, for its contribution to the economic and social recovery after the crisis caused by the pandemic. Through this initiative, carried out in collaboration with the Federation of Food Banks, the company wanted to demonstrate its social commitment by seeking alternatives and supporting the collection of food for families with children in vulnerable situations. 


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