New metallic paper Metalvac E LWS

5th October 2015

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Lecta expands its range of Metalvac metallized papers by incorporating a new moisture-resistant grade for single-use packaging.

Metalvac E LWS is a metallized paper with slight moisture resistance for glued labels on non-recoverable containers and plastic containers, such as PET bottles for water and soft drinks and single-use glass bottles for water and beer. Metalvac E LWS is available in 63 and 70 g / m2 and in the following finishes: smooth, linen embossing, pin-head embossing and brushed embossing. Metalvac E LWS is suitable for offset, flexo and type printing, both conventional and UV, and gravure. It can also be requested with PEFCTM and FSC® certifications.


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