New Nestlé products

April 29th 2024


Nestlé Extrafino has joined the traditional Maria cookies for its new tablets Nestlé Extrafine Cookie Maria. With a combination of creamy filling and Maria biscuit, the new Nestlé tablet is characterized by being made in Nestlé's Cantabrian factory with 100% cocoa obtained sustainably through the Nestlé Cocoa Plan. It also has the Rainforest Alliance seal, which certifies sustainable, environmental, social and economic production standards. 

Nestlé Extrafine ChocoChips They are crunchy wavy cereal chips covered in creamy milk chocolate, decorated with dark chocolate. It comes in an original 115g cardboard case with a flower-shaped closure,

With an intense flavor and all the creaminess of cocoa, the new Nestlé Dark with 90% cocoa It is made in the Nestlé factory in La Penilla de Cayón (Cantabria), with 100% cocoa obtained sustainably through Nestlé Cocoa Plan. In this way, cocoa lovers can now choose between various varieties of Nestlé Dark with different cocoa percentages: 70%, 85% and 90%, as well as black orange.

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