New range of sanitary packaging solutions from Airnov

12, September, 2022


Airnov Healthcare Packaging presents a range of sanitary packaging solutions at Connect in Pharma, which takes place in Geneva on September 14 and 15, 2022.

These are three innovations, including:

EQius®: Airnov's equilibrium RH stabilizers are absorbent products that maintain a certain level of humidity in the pharmaceutical packaging in cases where specific relative humidity conditions are required. These products are of specific interest to protect dry powder inhalers, gelatin capsules, gummies, and marijuana products.

OXYNOV®- These barrier bottles are designed with a six-layer structure to block oxygen ingress and provide an excellent moisture barrier. One of these layers includes ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH), which is especially effective in inhibiting the oxidation of sensitive drugs.

HAT®-B: these vials are designed to limit the carbon footprint, with an optimized amount of plastic. They contain an adjustable amount of desiccant and incorporate a versatile absorbent material to suit stability requirements. The vial, suitable for the markets pharmaceutical, diagnostic and nutraceutical, is available in two sizes and is compatible with filling lines.


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