Nomon Design designs the Body Genius packaging

17, May, 2022

Nomon Design

Body Genius is a brand that has innovated in the sector of healthy functional nutrition. For your the packaging, Nomon Design It took into account its main sales channel – its e-commerce website – and its communication channels, social networks, which required a specific strategy and language. In addition, its packaging responds to its commitment to the environment and is made of 100% recycled PET.

El new labeling It is characterized by a new graphic image in which the corporate identity of Body Genius was simplified so that it acquired more prominence, as well as the name of the product itself.

La typography cThe corporate selected for the redesign is the Muller Light, a light and very versatile sans-serif that adapts to all kinds of uses and sizes.

Nomon Design added a seal with an iconic color badge that is linked to the product and defined a color palette, careful and warm, which reflects the values ​​and properties of the brand.

The new packaging design was applied to its new range of vegan products sweetened with dates, which includes peanut butter, cocoa and dates, the preparation to make vegan pancakes or the breakfast pack. To differentiate the packaging of this collection from the rest of the ranges, Nomon Design chose the green Pantone 7494 as its characteristic color.


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