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20, February, 2017

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LYASE has recently launched four novelties for packaging, among which stands out the Navet Extra Flat Injected Plastic, an elegant, resistant and discreet finish.

12 or 32 mm, the Navet Extra Flat Injected Plastic acts as a holding anchor once passed through the hole in the box, container, etc. It does not require glue to stick and saves time in handling the rubber / tape by not having to tie a knot. It also supposes a saving by optimizing the amount of tape / rubber this finish is applied to. 

Other novelties of LIASA are the Flat Injected Plastic Navet, elegant and strong, 37 mm, 34 mm and 12 mm., which acts as a holding anchor; the Knot Washer and Knot Label, premium closures for the placement and attachment of labels; Y Decorative ties of different formats and materials, which can be manufactured and customized 100% to suit the client.


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2. flat injected plastic navet





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