New gas-tight pressed cardboard tray from AR Packaging and Stora Enso

April 16th 2019

The packaging company AR Packaging has created a gas-tight pressed cardboard tray for refrigerated foods based on the technology developed together with the expert company in renewable materials Stora Enso, the modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).
The new tray is a profitable and sustainable alternative, as it is made up, to a large extent, of renewable materials. "This is a breakthrough and will certainly gain great interest from food companies looking for greener alternatives," says Henna Paakkonen-Alvim, Vice President of Innovations, Stora Enso Consumer Board Division.
AR Packaging and Stora Enso's cardboard tray can have a shelf life of up to 18 days, depending on the product it contains, according to Åke Larsson, CEO of CC Pack. They are suitable to satisfy the needs of a wide range of refrigerated food products such as fresh meat, processed meat, cheese, ready meals, etc.

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