New Bobst Speedpack Automatic Packing Machine

7, September, 2021

Bobst presents Speedpack

Bobst presents packing Autoáspeedpack, suitable for the Expertfold 145/165, Expertfold 170-350 and Masterfold 170-350, which can handle all kinds of boxes, corrugated cardboard or lithographic, straight edges, 4 and 6 points and automatic background. 

The folded and glued boxes are automatically counted, stacked and strapped to perfection, delivered and ready for palletizing. 

Pierre Bingeli, Bobst Folder Gluing Product Line Manager, explained: “With Speedpack, converters can take advantage of the full potential of their Bobst folding and gluing lines in terms of quality and productivity. This latest innovation combines a range of patented Bobst features designed to simplify the packaging process and reduce waste, while optimizing operational precision and efficiency. At Bobst, we believe that automation technologies and processes are critical to enabling progress and preparing the industry for the future; peedpack embodies this vision. " 

Speedpack provides the highest possible number of batches per hour and very short setup times, it can increase the productivity of the folding-gluing line by up to 25%, while preserving the quality of the boxes. 

The automated process saves machine operators the need to bundle batches together and transport heavy loads to offline package strapping machines. The workload is reduced by up to 60% as the entire line can be managed by one operator and the risk of injury is eliminated, even those caused by repetitive stress.

Speedpack is very ergonomic, making it easy and safe to use in the production room. Large, transparent security doors offer full visibility and access to the entire machine for setup and production. In addition, the BOBST man-machine interface (HMI) integrated in Speedpack allows the configuration to be fully automated, making the management of repeat orders easy and fast; thus, job changes can be completed in 10 minutes. 


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